Wölfel Training – Seminars, Dialogues, Trade Fairs and Conferences

Höchberg is located near the renowned university city of Würzburg and is the perfect place to acquire new knowledge, improve your skills and gain further qualifications. Situated in the beautiful landscape of Main-Franconia, in the center of Germany and Europe, you will find an ideal place for seminars and trainings.

Here you can benefit from our decades of experience in the field of vibrations. In practice-oriented and clearly structured seminars, our engineers and external lecturers convey their knowledge and solutions for the successful handling of challenging engineering tasks related to wind energy, structural dynamics, immission control, plant engineering or automotive and mechanical engineering. We provide extensive knowledge on various topics – from measurements and analyses to calculation and design up to monitoring and the final product solution.

Seminars such as "Earthquakes in plant engineering" or "Vibrations and noise in inner-city building projects" are among our best-known and most popular events.

In addition, you have the opportunity to expand your professional network and exchange interesting new approaches in discussions with other experts.


Knowledge is a treasure that cannot be stolen."

(Chinese proverb)


In addition to basic and specialist seminars as well as product trainings, you can also attend specific seminars for experienced users. The number of participantsis limited, which ensures excellent results.
Additional seminars are also held in our offices in Berlin and Hamburg.