Is there a simpler way? Tips and tricks as well as best practices with IMMI (Part 1)

There are questions that come up again and again, and there are features you may have overlooked, but can actually increase your efficiency significantly. As in any field of work, there are also tips and tricks for IMMI that we would like to share with you. And if you should have a tip for us, we would be glad to include it in this collection.

Tip 1: Transferring data from one element to another (same element type)

In the input dialog of an element (left-hand side with grey background), you can open a local menu by clicking the right mouse button, which calls the function Copy data from ... / to ... . Geometry (Warning!), element name and element data (recommended!) can be transferred. This function is used, for example, for complex data input, as is the case with industrial or train track sounds, when you wish to transfer this noise level data to another element with a click.

Tip 2: Automatic flight path along line elements in 3D viewer

In the 3D viewer, an automatic flight path can be created along line elements, for example to check the 3D model or for presentation purposes. To use this function, mark a line element, select the function Automatic flight path and the flight is started. Additional functions, such as change of view, screenshots, selection of speed etc., are available.

Tip 3: Import of spectra into the database

In the external database, you can import spectra from MS Excel via the clipboard using the right mouse button. Copy the desired spectra (with name!) to MS Excel and place it on the clipboard. In the external database (menu Extras) in IMMI (we recommend to create a new database!), use the right mouse button and select the function Insert spectra from the clipboard.


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