Wölfel Presentation at Winterwind: Damage and Ice Detection with Rotor Blade-based Structural Health Monitoring

This April, Wölfel is again represented at Winterwind, this time with a topical contribution on reliable ice detection. Winterwind is the leading conference regarding the generation of wind energy in cold climate regions. Due to the pandemic, the event is being held in an online format.

Our colleagues Bastian Ritter and Timo Klaas from Wölfel Wind Systems are back with an exciting presentation on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). This time, the focus is on the challenge of detecting the icing of rotor blades and thus potentially dangerous ice throw as well as damage to the wind turbine in advance. Here, the two experts show in detail why smart systems are now able to make their own decisions based on more reliable data, thus contributing to a further reduction of the downtime.

  • The importance of ice and damage detection on rotor blades
  • Enhanced functionalities: Additional functions for blade monitoring and offshore application
  • Smart data analytics: How to use advanced methods to gain new insights and predict ice accretion more accurately.

Tackling ice throw risks using sophisticated algorithms of blade-based ice detection
Dr.-Ing. Bastian Ritter / Timo Klaas (Wölfel Wind Systems)
April 20, 2021, 14:50 Uhr
Winterwind 2021 (online event)

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