Wölfel – Experts for structural dynamics, shock and vibration control, room and building acoustics

Our range of services in the field of civil engineering often starts where conventional structural engineering ends. We mainly concentrate on tasks resulting from dynamic loads – up to earthquakes – and acoustics. You can benefit from our competence which we acquired in international and regional projects with many satisfied customers, who confirm our high quality. Due to the steady expansion of our local branches we are only a short distance away from you and your projects.

Structural dynamics – Shock and vibration control – Expert reports for buildings – Monitoring of buildings

In structural dynamics, we work on a wide range of load cases and subjects: very small vibrations and their effects on highly sensitive equipment, vibrations caused by wind, traffic, machine operation or the ringing of church bells, up to dynamic loads on bridges or high buildings. Earthquake engineering is also one of our core competences.

Building acoustics – Technical noise control – Thermal building physics – Noise prediction

In the field of acoustics, our service portfolio ranges from building and room acoustics to technical noise control and noise prediction. We are experts in building physics and provide comprehensive solutions – taking into account commercial requirements and energy efficiency. Benefit from the expertise of our interdisciplinary team of experts in structural dynamics, civil engineers, physicists, mathematicians and IT specialists.