Wölfel earthquake engineering – Consulting, calculation and seismic design analyses according to Eurocode 8 (DIN EN 1998-1) and international standards

  • Is the load case earthquake particularly important in Germany?
  • What about countries with high seismic activity?
  • Which technical and economic problems or time problems can arise in case of earthquakes – for buildings and infrastructure?

For many decades, we have been dealing with the load case earthquake all over the world. We develop customer-specific solutions, conduct high-quality seminars and offer qualified and reliable service:

  • Consulting services for the determination of input data, the adaptation of designs and the development of the analysis concept; representation to inspectors and authorities
  • Experience and know-how including national (DIN EN 1998), European and international earthquake standards (UBC, IBC, IEEE, IEC etc.)
  • Design of structures with quasi-static equivalent methods or dynamic methods such as floor response spectra, linear or non-linear time-history analyses
  • Determination of the soil-structure interaction by means of special simulation programs
  • Design of plants: experience in international projects, e.g. for power plants, chemical plants, production plants, switchgears, vessels and piping systems
  • Seismic reevaluation of plants and components
  • Seismic qualification of components by means of shaking tests
  • Assessment of damage caused by earthquakes along with classification of the damage symptoms, post-qualification, retrofitting measures

    Research project ELISSA – see the film here!

    The aim of the research project ELISSA is to optimize lightweight walls for buildings. With the use of nano-materials, improved temperature, vibration/earthquake and fire properties are achieved. Wölfel played an important role in this research project.