We measure and optimize room acoustics and ensure speech intelligibility

    • You want to ensure the acoustic quality in a turbulent classroom?
    • You want to make sure that the voice of the stadium announcer can be heard well even in the back rows?
    • You want to ensure that announcements are clearly audible on a moving train?
    • You want to have an optimum sound experience in your new concert hall?

      The acoustic conditions of a room have a significant impact on its usability and the general well-being of the users. If the room is equipped with electroacoustic equipment, room acoustics is a decisive factor for the sound quality that can be achieved.

      We support you in the development of a room acoustics concept, which is optimized with regard to the functionality of the rooms. For this purpose, we use conventional calculation approaches as well as modern simulation methods. We also offer the complex planning of public address systems to ensure optimum signal level and speech intelligibility in public buildings.

      Our services in the field of room acoustics and electroacoustics

      • Definition of objectives for acoustics
      • Measurement of reverberation time according to DIN EN ISO3382
      • Room acoustics design, e.g. optimization of reverberation time with sound-absorbing measures or application of reflecting planes for targeted sound propagation
      • Planning and acceptance test of rooms with regard to DIN 18041
      • Room acoustics simulation using a computer model
      • Design and acceptance test of public address systems according to DIN VDE 0828/0833-4
      • Forecast calculations, acceptance tests and optimization of speech intelligibility (STI) according to DIN EN 60268-16
      • Measurement of sound absorption coefficient, wall impedance and reflection coefficient according to DIN EN ISO 10534-2