Design and calculation of machine foundations

Our services regarding machine foundations include the design and calculation of foundations for all types of machines.

Especially when there are high requirements regarding smooth operation and protection against shock and vibration, we deal with e.g.:

  • technical equipment of buildings
  • turbines, compressors
  • printing machines, calenders
  • crushers, mills, kneading machines
  • hammer mills, drop machines
  • motors, piston compressors
  • test stands, measuring and laboratory equipment as well as rolling and grinding machines

Our work also includes the design of the foundation of complete vibration-sensitive plants such as cleanroom laboratories and manufacturing plants, studios, hotels or computer centers, for which optimum vibration protection can be achieved e.g. by means of a base isolation along with a house-in-house design.

As we have many years of experience in machine and structural dynamics, we are ideally qualified to meet the requirements of mechanical and civil engineering. We have the necessary measurement and analytical tools for assessing the vibrations of machine foundations.

We offer qualified expert opinions on all kinds of vibration-related problems of machine foundations and we also plan remedial measures and improvements.