Monitoring of construction sites with MIC.Construction – Web-based remote monitoring in real time

The permanent monitoring of construction sites or buildings, e.g. bridges, is becoming increasingly important. Whether it is to secure the permanent site or to provide transparency for the affected population – targeted monitoring of the structure is the instrument which can continuously record and visualize the effects of dynamic loads and the resulting stresses and reactions.

We have extensive experience in remote monitoring and inspection of buildings. With our monitoring systems it is possible to monitor and document occurring vibrations and fatigue in a certain period of time, e.g. days, weeks, months or even years.

In addition, we have broad experience in the monitoring of construction sites, either in connection with licensing or tendering requirements or for the public concerned.

Efficient structural monitoring, early detection of structural damage

The lifetime of buildings is difficult to predict since the extent of occurring loads is unknown and wearing processes are not linear. There is usually a difference between design stress and actual stress. This is a major challenge, both for the engineers responsible for the safety of the structure and for the persons responsible for the operation and maintenance of the buildings.
In this context, structural monitoring systems aim to provide the best possible picture of the condition of stsrsuctures and are designed to improve the predictability of repairs and the lifetime of the structures.
The Wölfel monitoring system MIC.Construction is suitable for remote monitoring in real time of different structures, e.g. bridges, tunnels or towers. It can provide comprehensive information about the structures and their surrounding conditions.
Sensors are mounted on the structure and connected to a measuring system on site. Data evaluation and data storage is realized in a central computer system.
The information prepared by our experts is made available to the customers via web service.
Thanks to real-time monitoring, vibrations can be monitored at any time. Additional services – such as the permanent monitoring of the system by experienced engineers or extended analyses – are also included in our range of services. We will be glad to advise you on which solution is appropriate for your project.