Vibration predictions from initial estimations to forecasts based on measurement data and simulations

  • Do you want to know before the start of the project where exactly the vibrations are to be expected on the construction site?
  • Can these vibrations cause damage to nearby buildings?
  • Will the planned structure meet the requirements for vibration and secondary airborne noise?

Our vibration prognoses include the determination of the expected vibration effects during project planning as well as the prevention of damage to neighboring buildings, especially in case of historic buildings. We analyze and calculate the possible impairment of the function of vibration-sensitive devices as well as a potential annoyance of local residents.

We prepare shock and vibration prognoses and concepts for shock and vibration protection already in the design phase


  • in the field of civil engineering (DIN 4150) as well as for measurements according to DIN 45669
  • for the determination of shock and vibration tolerance or
  • for measurements for the preservation of evidence, particularly in case of historic structures.

Measurements, simulations or experience values are usually the basis for our prognoses. They allow the consideration of dynamic problems and their solution already in an early planning or project phase.