Measurement and monitoring of shock and vibrations – from measurements on individual days up to long-term monitoring of construction sites

  • Can the vibrations from the construction site next door damage a building?
  • Does the tram cause not only trembling windows, but also serious damage to the building structure?

From measurements according to DIN 4150 up to recommendations of effective measures for the prevention of shock and vibrations – our measuring results will stand up to the strictest scrutiny

As accredited institute for noise and vibration immissions according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and officially acknowledged measuring institution for the determination of vibrations as well as emissions and immissions of noise according to § 29b BlmSchG (Federal Immission Protection Law)  we measure, analyze and assess shock impacts as a result of

  • road and rail traffic,
  • commercial and industrial enterprises,
  • construction and demolition work
  • blastings

with regard to their effects on the bearing capacity of buildings, on human beings in buildings and on sensitive equipment (operability). In the analysis of the measurement results, we evaluate the risk for the buildings and the nuisance for people (DIN 4150 Part 3 and 2) and prepare the corresponding documentation, which can also be used for possibly required expert reports and measures for the preservation of evidence.
Wölfel has modern measuring equipment for a wide range of measurements.