Immission prognoses for air pollutants, dust and odor

  • You are planning a new bypass road and want to make sure that the affected residential areas will not be exposed to traffic-related noise impact?
  • You want to account for a new residential area in the vicinity of an industrial company and make sure that there will not be any conflicts due to pollution?
  • You want to make sure that the newly planned biogas plant will be tolerated by residents?

Air quality is directly related to our well-being. To protect human health and the environment, legislative authorities regulate the influence of harmful pollutants through the Federal Immission Control Act (Bundesimmissionschutzgesetz, BImSchG), the associated ordinances (BImSchV), the Technical Air Directive (TA Luft), and the Odor Immission Control Directive (Geruchsimmissionrichtlinie, GIRL).

Plan approval procedures or environmental impact assessments – we provide the full range of services

  • Air pollution control planning
  • Planning and approval procedures of facilities according to BImSchG
  • Urban land-use plan and construction approval procedures
  • Planning of traffic routes
  • Demolition work, conversion and earthwork projects
  • Odor exposure caused by animal husbandry and biogas plants

In addition to the above tasks, we also calculate the influence of air pollutants, dusts and odors to be expected, based on relevant directives and ordinances, and provide advisory support with regard to potential reduction measures to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

The measurement of air pollutants completes our portfolio within a wide spectrum of fields of application, ranging from the validation of implemented reduction measures to the acquisition of potential sources of pollution in public buildings and in people's homes.

To obtain information about the current measurement values of the “Würzburg, Stadtring Süd” station of the Air Hygiene Monitoring System of Bavaria (Lufthygienisches Landesüberwachungssystem Bayern, LÜB), please refer to:

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