Immission control in the field of traffic noise

We provide noise prognoses and calculations and prepare expert reports on noise immissions for road traffic noise, railway noise and aircraft noise

Traffic noise affects the lives of all of us. According to a survey of 2012 on "Environmental awareness in Germany" (carried out by the Federal Environmental Agency) 54 percent of the German population feel disturbed or molested by traffic noise, 34 percent by railway noise and 23 percent by air traffic noise.

In order to investigate the causes, we make noise and noise sources visible and work out measures for noise reduction.

Calculation of railway noise according to the new Schall 03

Since 2015 railway noise has been calculated according to the revised Schall 03. In view of the fact that levels are sometimes significantly higher now, we have to plan much better noise protection measures - and we are well prepared for this task.

Aircraft noise calculations

We calculate aircraft noise according to national and international rules and standards:

  • Aircraft noise protection zones according to the Aircraft Noise Act (AzB/AzD)
  • Noise maps according to the EU Environmental Noise Directive (VBUF) and European (ECAC. CEAC. Doc. 29)
  • Noise exposure at airfields and special airfields (helicopters) in accordance with DIN 45684

We optimize air routes according to noise pollution criteria as the basis for assessment procedures.

We have extensive experience in the field of aircraft noise monitoring.

Wölfel was also involved in the research project of the German Federal Environment Agency called “Assessment of flight routes with a view to noise effect aspects”. Together with the partners Lärmkontor, OTSD and konsalt, a procedure for the assessment of flight routes with a view to noise effects was developed. Read the final report here: