Machine Vibrations – from Operating Vibration Analysis to Modal Analysis and Condition Monitoring

When undesirably large vibrations in machine occur, quick action is needed – especially in modern production facilities with high hourly rates. The first step is always the metrological diagnosis. For this purpose we offer you our expertise in various diagnostic procedures:

  • measurement and vibration evaluation according to standards, e.g. DIN ISO 10816
  • operating vibration analysis in the production
  • Machine high runs with waterfall
  • 'Polluter Pays' analysis by synchronized averaging
  • Identification of resonance frequencies, experimental modal
  • Analysis of rolling bearing diagnosis.

On the basis of the diagnosis we discuss with you specific approaches and measures to address the vibration issues.

A decisive factor for successful machine diagnostics is, in addition to the know-how of our engineers, the available measuring technology. In particular, Wölfel uses the following mobile technology:

  • Data acquisition and analysis software for machine diagnostics, eg. MEDA, developed by Wölfel
  • Signal detection systems (up to> 40 channels, real-time synchronous sampling, anti-aliasing filter, highest sampling rates)
  • Acceleration measurement: extensive range of 1D and 3D sensors with different measuring ranges
  • Speed measurement: Geophone, Laser-Scanning Vibrometer
  • Other sensors for detection of e.g. angular acceleration, force, strain (strain gauge), pressure, speed, etc.
  • 3D-digitizer unit for geometric measurement of structure and measuring points
  • Impact hammers with force sensors in different sizes
  • Mobile shakers (Shaker of different performance classes)