Active Vibration Reduction (AVR)

Active solutions in which actuators are used to apply vibration-reducing forces in machines, vehicles or buildings are the future of structural dynamics. Innovative technologies open up completely new potentials - for example, machines can be raised to completely new levels of productivity. Vibration reduction is usually accompanied by, with or without intention, a reduced noise level, whereby the step to an active noise reduction, e. g. as a result of (multi) tonal vibrations, is not big.

The development of vibration (AVR) or noise reduction (ANC) active solutions, usually individually tailored to a task, requires comprehensive competence in

  • Structural dynamics and vibrations
  • Measurement
  • Control and software engineering
  • Hardware development: actuator, amplifier, sensors
  • Product qualification for operating conditions

and requires a high degree of constructive creativity.

With our team of innovative engineers, backed up by decades of experience in the field of dynamics, we - and you - are best equipped to solve these types of problems – together.