Numerically-based optimization of lightweight structures in the aerospace

Fiber composites have considerable potential for meeting the increasing energy efficiency and weight saving requirements. Due to multifaceted structural lightweight designs and the versatility of fiber composites, components in the aerospace industry can be optimally adjusted to their intended purpose and the requirements they must satisfy. To reach this goal, however, countless variants must be examined because it is not only sufficient to optimize the strength of the components and the material input, but it is also necessary to ensure that components can be easily produced.

In the design phase, boundary conditions such as vibration behavior and maximum allowable displacement must be examined in addition to a multitude of load cases. Since the manual adjustment of laminates to these many-sided requirements and the subsequent control check (good or reject) is highly complex in terms of labor and expense, it is almost impossible to develop an optimized structure within an adequate time period.

For such cases, we offer appropriate tools, such as HyperSizer®, SIMULIA/TOSCA and Optistruct, for automated optimization.
We support you either by taking on individual tasks or by covering the whole process chain.