CASIMIR/Automotive – CAE Solution for virtual analysis of seat comfort

The simulation tool from Wölfel is CASIMIR/Automotive for the analysis of seating comfort by means of digital prototypes. To allow easy integration into existing workflows, CASIMIR/Automotive has been incorporated in the FE-Preprozessor HyperMesh® and used as FE-Solver Abaqus. In addition, the evaluation software CASIMIR /Post is available for the assessment of static and dynamic seating comfort.

Our passenger model CASIMIR takes place on the seat model. CASIMIR describes the static and dynamic properties of typical occupants, expressed by the percentile f05, m50 and m95 and individual models such as e.g. f50 corpulent North America.

At the end of this so-called single-seat simulation performed geometrically non-linear and taking into account the friction-inducing contact with the seat cushion and backrest, reproducible (mechanical) results are available which represent the basis for the assessment of static seat comfort.

With CASIMIR/automotive following parameters of comfort can be determined

  • Static pressure distribution of seats
  • "Meat-to-Metal"
  • H-Punkt according to SAE J826
  • Backset-Value according to FMVSS 202a
  • Seat transmission function in horizontal (x and y) and vertical direction (z)
  • Dynamic loads of the occupants during the journey