• Plant and Power Engineering

Efficient and safe plants must be designed by specialists.

Industrial  and nuclear plants have to meet high safety standards. They often serve to process and transport substances which are not allowed to be released into the natural environment. For this reason leakages must be excluded. The safety of a plant and all its components (piping systems, vessels, equipment, etc.) must even then be guaranteed if they are subject to strong material stresses.

This is the case, for example when utilizing the full capacity of a plant during operation or when the plant is exposed to special load cases such as e. g. earthquake. High efficiency and optimum safety mean a protection of their investment and an optimal efficiency for plant operators.

Services necessary for the interpretation should be provided by an expert. Wölfel is your competent partner for this, because we are specialized on the subject of structural mechanics and dealing in particular with the dynamics.

Large industrial plant
Large industrial plant

We edit all engineering as well as all mechanical and electrical components during the design stage, as well as modifications, upgrades or retrofitting.

In addition to all the normal operation load cases the special load cases our scope of services include earthquake and explosion pressure wave as well as dealing with national and international standards.

Depending on the technical requirements we perform quasi-static up to non-linear

analyses and are facing up even highly complex and demanding jobs.


The combination of simulation and measurement from one source is a particular advantage in solving vibration problems as a part of “trouble shooting” and allows us to recommend effective remedial measures. On request we serve you also in the implementation of measures like to continue.

Benefits for plant operators

Plant operators will benefit from optimized, more resilient and thus safer components and systems, higher performance of the whole system as an increase in efficiency.