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Permanent Earthquake Monitoring at Wölfel

Earthquakes cannot be foreseen. In the event of an identified existing seismic hazard there is the risk of direct and indirect damage to nuclear or non-nuclear industrial plants and to other building structures located in the hazard zones. Equally vulnerable are infrastructures such as e.g. bridges or dams.

With the SYSCOM equipment technology, Wölfel offers a seismic instrumentation for the continuous measurement of vibrations and for the control of alarm limits and their exceedance in case of earthquake. This will enable operators to initiate the necessary measures or to arrange for the automatic switch-off or saving of critical processes or components. The automatic comparison of the vibrations measured with the design values specified allows for the control of the building structure or component.

High-voltage switchgear
High-voltage switchgear

Our services in respect of permanent earthquake monitoring include:

  • Supply of the instrumentation certified according to the relevant standards
  • Development of concepts regarding the replacement of existing (third-party) instrumentations
  • Detailed design
  • Support in authorization procedures
  • Generation of design review documents and complete project documentation
  • Performance of Factory Acceptance Test, with expert participation
  • Installation, commissioning, service, maintenance and training

Wölfel is expert for earthquake engineering. We have more than 40 years of experience and offer system solutions and services from a single source.

Overview: Map of our services and system solutions

[Translate to English:] Projektierung, Instrumentierung und Wartung von seismischer Instrumentierung an kerntechnischen Anlagen.