Seismic Instrumentation – Permanent Earthquake Monitoring by Wölfel

If an earthquake strikes a power plant, an industrial plant or other infrastructure, it can be determined immediately and reliably using seismic instrumentation. If the detected earthquake exceeds certain adjustable limit or design values (e.g. response spectrum), alarms or automatic measures are triggered immediately. This can reduce or even prevent the occurrence of secondary damage such as explosions, fires and releases of substances as well as their consequences.

Our portfolio ranges from simple "seismic switches" for monitoring buildings or shutting down machines and plants to certified systems, e.g. for power plant monitoring. The equipment used is from the renowned Swiss manufacturer SYSCOM.

We accompany the entire process with the following service portfolio:

  • Detailed conception of a seismic instrumentation including possibly required computational documentation
  • Delivery and installation of seismic instrumentation, if required according to relevant regulations such as KTA 2201, IEC 61508 (SIL 2 and 3), IEC 60780, IEC 61226 (CAT A and C) or IEC 60880 (CAT A)
  • Concepts for exchanging existing (third-party) instrumentation
  • Support in official approval procedures and in coordination with experts
  • Issuance of necessary certificates
  • Preparation of design review documents and complete project documentation
  • Execution of the Factory Acceptance Test with the participation of experts
  • Installation, commissioning, training, service and system maintenance

Overview: Map of our services and system solutions


Case Study "Seismic Instrumentation" 355.92 KB
Case Study "Seismic Instrumentation"

In an LNG terminal, which was built in a region with high seismic risk, continuous earthquake monitoring of the storage vessels and plant components had to be ensured. Furthermore, it had to be ensured that in case of an earthquake, appropriate messages are displayed in the control room and measures for personal and plant protection are automatically initiated.

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