Nuclear Installations – Design of All Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Plant Components for Earthquakes and Other Special Load Cases

Having core competence in the fields of dynamics and strength, we are qualified for finding solutions to the daily tasks incurred in the construction of nuclear power plants. Based on our many years of experience in the fields of calculated simulation and measurement data analysis, we deal with all structural, mechanical and electrotechnical aspects of nuclear power plants, from the design phase to conversion or refitting work. In addition to the load cases of normal operation, special load cases, such as earthquakes, explosion pressure waves and plane crashes, as well as the handling of national and international standards are included in our scope of services.

We have considerable experience in rendering the following services:

  • Calculated proof based on modeling appropriate for the particular load cases and requirements (linear and non-linear bar, shell or volume models)
  • Dynamic calculation using static calibration tests, spectral methods, time history analyses or probabilistic procedures
  • Calculation of response spectra taking into account the interaction between ground and building
  • Verification of the load carrying capacity and usability of buildings and components made of reinforced concrete, pretensioned concrete, steel, and masonry
  • Load carrying capacity (stability under load), integrity and functional capability of mechanical and electrical parts of the plant, based on
    – calculated proof
    – experimental proof
    – analogy proof (similarity)
    – plausibility tests (experience-based)
  • Re-evaluation of existing structural and mechanical parts of the plant when requirements have been changed
  • Submission of proposals for the strengthening and retrofitting of existing plants
  • Inspection of existing plants in the presence of experienced experts
  • Preliminary review and quality assurance of design documents submitted by third parties for the plant operator
  • Preparation of testable and quality-assured documentation of all operations and results according to national and international requirements (KTA, NQA-1)
  • Support in technical discussions with contractors, experts and authorities