Decommissioning and Dismantling – Static Monitoring of Dismantling Steps

For several years we have been active on behalf of plant operators regarding the dismantling of nuclear plants.

We develop dismantling concepts, from feasibility studies through to the auditable implementation design, and assist you in the individual phases of dismantling, with adaptation of the proceedings to the changed requirements and potential hazard compared to the ongoing operation.

Our experience shows that stress analyses in dismantling often are no standard analyses. Engineering assessments have high priority instead, taking into account that:


  • Design, material and analyses date back to the date of their generation, whereas the analyses for the dismantling are to be performed according to the rules and regulations currently valid and applicable;
  • full documentation of the status „as is“ partly is difficult to procure; often a comparison of the “as-built” documentation with the “as-is” structure is required;
  • rules and regulations have been issued for the design and construction of new structures, but not for the dismantling of existing ones.

We have particular experience in

  • Development and definition of dismantling steps
  • Development of analysis concepts
  • Review and assessment of „as-built” documentation
  • Assessment of the load-bearing capacity by means of a mechanical analysis from various points of load application
  • Development and design of supporting and auxiliary structures
  • Design of new installations in the existing building structure
  • Development of special design constructions and solutions
  • Special load cases as e.g. “crash of components”
  • Support in technical discussions with experts and licensing authorities