Reduction of Operational Vibrations – Measurement, Analysis and Implementation

(Operational) vibrations in plant engineering can cause significant problems. In addition to safety-related problems which may lead to the shutdown of the plant also the quality of the products manufactured can be affected or the life cycle of the plant can be reduced. We support you in avoiding reductions of operation and serviceability. Our portfolio of services related to the consideration of dynamic load cases includes:

  • Machine vibrations (motors, pumps, compressors, stirrers, centrifuges)
  • Vibrations due to the operation of adjacent machinery, construction works or traffic
  • Fluid-dynamic vibrations as e.g. pulsations and pressure pulsations (pump, compressor), water hammer and other transient processes, turbulences and cavitation
  • Chemical reactions, flow
  • Wind, vortex shedding

    We offer

    • Measurement (e.g. multi-channel measurement of operational vibrations, experimental modal analysis)
    • Simulation (most different software toos available)
    • Analysis of the vibrations according to the relevant codes and standards, e.g. VDI 3842, DIN ISO 10816-1, API 618, API 674
    • Fatigue analysis according to Eurocode, ASME and other rules and regulations
    • Monitoring
    • Reduction (design and implementation of remedial measures, recommendation of design modifications, application of active and/or passive dampers)

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