Pipes, Containers and Components Play an Important Role in Plant Construction and Must Be Designed and Measured for the Different Load Cases.

Typical parts of the plants are:

  • Process lines
  • Power Plant Management
  • Pipelines
  • Tanks and containers on saddles,supports and scaffolding
  • Pumps, centrifuges,cyclones and agitators
  • Compressor units
  • Ventilation systems
  • Cranes, hoists and manipulators.

For design and strength calculation according to the common rules, we assume the geometry of your equipment Isometries or CAD data, perform voltage and fatigue analysis and develop optimizations to the components themselves or their supporting structures.

Considered load cases:

  • Static operating loads (weight, temperature, pressure)
  • Dynamic operating loads such as pulsation and shock wave
  • Dynamic incidents such as earthquakes and pressure waves

Codes for material strength analysis

Our analyses are carried out in compliance with the following rules and regulations (selection):

  • ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.5, B31.8
  • ASME Section III, Section VIII
  • KTA 3201.2, 3211.2
  • EN 13480, EN 13941, EN 13445
  • AD Merkblätter, AGFW, FDBR, VDI 3842
  • DVS 2205-1, 2205-2, 2210-1
  • Eurocode, IBC

In addition come strength tests and vibration to the computational analysis to the application. For this Wölfel has the necessary mobile measuring equipment. In addition to the design of new systems, we work for the conversion of legacy assets, as well as for the upgrading and retrofitting for earthquakes.


Case Study "KARISMA Benchmark, Reactor Building" 506.16 KB
Case Study "KARISMA Benchmark, Reactor Building"

On 16 July 2007, a strong earthquake, the Niigataken-chuetsu-oki earthquake (NCOE) affected the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station, the biggest nuclear power plant in the world, located at about 16 km from the epicenter. The large amount of observations and data collected led to the organization of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Research Initiative for Seismic Margin Assessment (KARISMA). Woelfel Beratende Ingenieure (Woelfel), Hoechberg, Germany was active during all three phases of the KARISMA Benchmark, starting with the generation and verification of the Finite Element (FE) model of the reactor building in Phase I.

Case Study "Re-analysis of NPP buildings" 371.15 KB
Case Study "Re-analysis of NPP buildings"

For two NPP sites several buildings, analysed in the 1980s with stick models and simple spring-dampersoil models were re-analysed because of changed input parameters (new earthquake definitions, soil data, …) using 3D-FE-models combined with sophisticated soil-structure-interaction models (SASSI).

[Translate to English:] Case Study "Structural Assessment of a nuclear facility for operation and seismic loads" 303.26 KB
Case Study "Structural Assessment of a nuclear facility for operation and seismic loads"

For a facility in the ‘front end’ of the nuclear fuel cycle located in France the structural assessment of steelwork and pipework systems located on a seismic slab for operation and seismic loads including basic and detail design is performed.

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