Plastics – A Challenging Material

Due to their complex material behavior depending on many different factors, plastics require special know-how and comprehensive experience for component simulation. There are various application areas:

  • Analysis in case of damage
    By means of finite element analysis we reconstruct the damage origin, identify weak spots and develop improvements.
  • Analysis for approval purposes
    In civil and plant engineering, safety-related plastic parts require an inspection and certification. Necessary analyses can be carried out by Wölfel. These are, for example, mathematical verifications of the load-bearing capacity and serviceability of separator systems for light liquids and greases according to DIN 19901. Our close cooperation with inspection and licensing authorities facilitates the approval procedure.
  • Determination of material data
    If the material data required for the simulation are not available, we are able to provide such data by means of our own test-based procedures.
  • Typical load cases for plastic components: Dead load, internal pressure, temperature, live load, earth thrust, ground water, chemical effects, wind and snow.