Special Tasks in Structural Engineering: We are Experts for Machine Foundations and Earthquakes as well as for Other Dynamic Loads such as Impact and Pressure Wave.

Structures must be able to withstand high static and dynamic loads. Our range of services in structural engineering covers investigation, calculation and design of all types of structures commonly used in plant construction, including structural and plant engineering steel structures, reinforced concrete and masonry. We work primarily according to European and American regulations, but also according to other international standards on request. We support all project participants throughout the entire planning and execution process, but are particularly involved in the following special tasks due to the expertise we have built up over many years:

  • Machine foundations
    We carry out static and dynamic calculations as well as the design of machine and turbine foundations. Our many years of experience in machine and building dynamics enable us to build a bridge between mechanical and structural engineering.
  • Earthquake load case
    For many decades, we have been dealing with the earthquake load case all over the world. We develop customer-specific solutions and offer high-quality seminars on the topic.
  • Impact loads
    We carry out the evaluation and design of components and buildings for impact loads from vehicles, air planes, debris loads and other objects.
  • Explosion pressure wave load case
    We design new buildings for the load case of explosion pressure waves and develop retrofit solutions for existing buildings. Therefore, we simulate the spreading of pressure waves and their dynamic interaction with structures.

Impact test vehicle on steel support
Research project ROBUSTIMPACT (funded by the EU)
Source: RWTH Aachen


Simulation of an explosion pressure wave

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