Wölfel Wind Systems – Systems and services in the field of "Vibrations of wind turbines"

Structural health monitoring, ice detection, active dampers for tonalities and vibrations - professional solutions of vibration problems

Wind Energy is a very young discipline, developing at rapid speed. Even the wind turbines (WT) themselves have changed dramatically in recent years. New designs, new construction methods and new materials – all this means challenging tasks for engineers dealing with these issues.

WT are most complex systems. High vibration levels, different wind speeds and environmental impacts, emitted acoustic noise or the protection of bats – onshore and offshore the most diverse areas require professional engineering to provide safe and efficient operation of the WT and to comply with legal requirements under the permit conditions.

From the detection of icing or the reduction of tonalities via Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) at blade or foundation through to rotor blade inspections – our services focus on engineering in the field of structural mechanics, on simulation and experimental testing of components, and in particular on the dynamics of your individual WT.

We are the experts in signal analysis and provide information on structural damage to blade, tower or foundation and on the related life cycle of your WT. We provide material fatigue monitoring and support you in the compliance with legal requirements in the field of emitted acoustic noise. Our certified rotor blade inspectors assist you in all matters “around the blade”.

We are working with operators and manufacturers of off- and onshore wind turbines. We are actively involved in numerous R&D projects and can support you with our know-how and our extensive experience in the successful and profitable operation of your wind turbines.