Sound emission measurements and measurements for acceptance tests acording to IEC 61400-11 and FGW guideline, systems for the reduction of gearbox tonalities and for sound source localization with the acoustic camera

  • As part of the approval of your wind park under immission control law you want to verify the compliance with sound power levels and document their correct determination? 
  • The newly developed prototype of your wind turbine requires the measurement of acoustic emissions as a basis for the type certification?
  • You want to know exactly which parts of the wind turbine increase the noise level or cause tonalities? You also want to know how these tonalities can be eliminated?

Wind turbines generate sound and thus emit acoustic noise. In the course of the turnaround in energy policy, new locations for wind turbines have to be found and there is a huge potential for conflict due to noise pollution.

As a member of the Fördergesellschaft Windenergie (FGW e.V.) (Society for the Promotion of Wind Energy) we perform measurements of emitted acoustic noise and measurements for acceptance tests according to IEC 61400-11 and FGW guidelines. Sound immission control particularly deals with questions of noise propagation outdoors. The objective is to ensure compliance with limit values (Technical Instructions on Noise Abatement) in order to protect the population – also in case of operation of wind turbines.

Our engineers deal with all kinds of questions regarding sound immission controlduring the structural planning and the licensing procedure for your wind turbine. Special emphasis is placed on expert opinions regarding sound immission forecasts with IMMI, the software developed by Wölfel for the determination of noise and other immissions.