• Can you imagine what a foundation has to go through day in and day out?

SHM.Foundation – condition monitoring system for the detection of structural damage on foundations

SHM.Foundation for foundation monitoring
SHM.Foundation for foundation monitoring

In offshore wind farms it is often required that at least every tenth foundation structure is monitored by a monitoring system. Wölfel has comprehensive expertise in this field and advises on the optimal configuration based on individual customer and project requirements.
Our monitoring systems are equipped with robust electronic components according to industrial standard. The installation of surge protection modules and a CE marking is standard. The systems are installed by our teams that are welltrained for offshore work. Our core competence is the data analysis.

It is not helpful for the park operator, just to obtain measurement data. We extract the essential information, compare the detected loads with design assumptions, calculate the lifetime consumption and create reports for licensing authorities.

By comparing the behavior of several wind turbines in a wind farm, suboptimal modes of operation can be detected and inspection measures can be planned.