SHM.Foundation® – An individually configurable system for monitoring building ground, foundation and supporting structure

In order to ensure a safe and efficient wind farm operation, comprehensive monitoring of building ground, foundation and supporting structure is essential for every operator. To guarantee the load-bearing capacity, the approval authorities also require a regular examination of the foundation structures – both permanently by means of monitoring and periodically as part of the recurring inspections. However, examining the structures below the water surface is often very complex, diving operations are risky and cost-intensive. By means of permanent foundation monitoring, these expensive inspections can be reduced to an absolutely necessary minimum.

Professional long-term monitoring with SHM.Foundation®

With SHM.Foundation®, the structural behaviour of wind turbines and transformer stations can be digitally recorded, tracked and evaluated. Our focus is on the detailed analysis of maximum and fatigue loads, the wind and wave loads as well as the structural condition and the resulting remaining service life. Via our web portal MIC.Foundation, you have live access to all events at any time and will receive automatic alarms if defined threshold values are exceeded.

The functions of SHM.Foundation at a glance:

  • Permanent monitoring of structural behaviour and stresses
  • Creation of a "service life file" for each individual turbine
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation for the authorities for the verification of the load-bearing capacity
  • Optimization of the performance of your wind park with tailored vibration monitoring and life cycle extending operating practices
  • Adaptation of concepts for recurring inspections
  • Evaluation of new operating practices or features such as PowerBoost or High-Wind-Ride-Trough with regard to stress and service life consumption
  • Monitoring of irregularities when erecting load-bearing structures

Configuration of SHM.Foundation

The configuration of SHM.Foundation is specifically tailored to your project requirements: Our modular concept is available for both, the necessary hardware for data acquisition and the software for data analysis. Based on our many years of experience, we will advise you on how to design the system to suit your individual needs. You can also benefit from the expert knowledge we have gained through our participation in the development of relevant standards and regulations.

Our monitoring systems are equipped with robust electronic components according to industrial standard. The systems are installed by our teams that are well-trained for offshore operations.

However, we do not only accompany you during design, installation and commissioning, but throughout the entire monitoring process. As part of the signal analysis, we extract the essential information, compare the recorded loads with design assumptions, calculate the lifetime consumption, prepare reports for authorities and identify optimization potentials.

Since comprehensive monitoring is particularly important for offshore wind turbines, we work with a global structural health monitoring concept for the entire wind turbine. Monitoring of building ground, foundation and supporting structure is usually accompanied by monitoring of the tower with SHM.Tower® monitoring system.

Case Studies

Case Study "Structural Health Monitoring Offshore Wind Farm Arkona" 1.93 MB
Case Study "Structural Health Monitoring Offshore Wind Farm Arkona"

Arkona is the most efficient wind farm to date in the Baltic Sea: off the coast of the island of Rügen, 60 wind turbines are located on an area of 39 square kilometers and have a total output of 385 megawatts. An individual structural health monitoring concept developed by Wölfel is designed to ensure that the wind turbines feed into the grid as continuously and efficiently as possible, incur the lowest possible costs for operation and maintenance and meet the requirements of the authorities.

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