Measurement of vibrations on wind turbines

Vibrations play a vital role regarding wind turbine fatigue. They cannot be avoided completely, therefore they have to be controlled and reduced as much as possible.

We support you with the vast experience of our highly-specialized measuring engineers. Using our comprehensive equipment we design your individual measurement campaign from planning and instrumentation up to long-term monitoring with daily or weekly reports.

Our measuring equipment includes:

  • Data acquisition system with more than 200 channels e.g. for acceleration, sound, force, strain gauge or further physical parameters (incl. long-term recording)
  • Wide range of acceleration sensors, microphones, strain gauge technology and various meteorological masts
  • Experimental modal analysis with shakers of all performance classes
  • Laser vibrometry
  • Recording system for meteorological data
  • Proven data transfer technology between rotating (hub, blade) and stationary components (nacelle, tower).

With our electrodynamic shaker systems for universal vibration excitation it is also possible to analyze the dynamic properties of structures.

In the field of Individual Measuring Systems we cooperate with our partner Micromega.