Vibration reduction with passive and active damping devices

Unwanted vibrations occur in almost all industries and applications. As experts for vibrations and acoustics we have vast experience in the field of vibration reduction and with our extensive knowledge of structural mechanics and dynamics we have specialized in solving vibration problems.

In addition to conventional measures, such as detuning, we provide a wide range of passive and active absorber concepts, which are successfully applied in various industries.

Tuned mass dampers are mounted directly on the vibrating structure - if possible, very close to the affected area - and have a vibration-reducing effect.

If we are already involved in the product development process, we work out solutions mainly by means of FE simulation and measurements. If damping devices are considered as an option for vibration optimization in the design process, they can be conveniently integrated in a structural design. Also for existing structures with an excessively high level of vibration, damping devices are an effective option to solve the problem.


In the specific case it has to be analyzed whether a structural change or a tuned mass damper is the better option.

In the wind energy industry sector, we offer customized solutions in the field low-frequency structural vibrations and structure-borne sound. The reduction of structural vibrations is usually intended to reduce mechanical stress, the reduction of structure-borne sound is intended to reduce tonal sound radiations.