Not more than we want to hear – ADD.Sound prevents interfering noises in wind turbines

Unintentional noise emissions from wind turbines can cause conflicts, especially in densely populated areas. If they exceed the permissible noise limits, power must be shut down. This can lead to substantial losses in the mid six-digit euro range.

Wölfel's ADD.Sound® system prevents the occurrence of such noises right at source. As an active vibration damper for wind turbines, ADD.sound is unique in the market. The retrofit solution is suitable for all system types, both with and without gearbox. Due to the modular design, a solution can be offered for all fault patterns. With more than 1,000 systems installed and over 25 million operating hours without a single system that had to be operated in sound-reduced mode, we are technology leader in the field of active damping devices for the reduction of gearbox tonalities and can rely on experience from numerous projects.

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