3DEXPERIENCE Platform – innovative and networked Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Parallel to the significant reduction in the so-called "time-to-market" which is now a must achieve for many manufacturers to meet customer requirements, manufacturers must also reduce internal development costs for the long term. But how to reduce processes which today take four years, but should only take two years tomorrow?

By the useful combination of forces and the identification of the origin of possible delays in project processes.

Each department is optimized in its environment with its software tools, but when looking at the interfaces between project management, management of material, financial and geometry data, CAD construction and different simulation disciplines, you will very quickly discover many time and resource killers:

  • Useless and futile work due to outdated and obsolete data
  • Loss of data and time at interfaces
  • Incorrect bills of materialFaulty prototypes
  • Additional post-processing required
  • High and time-consuming IT support required

But how to halve product development time? – By using an integrated development platform!

3DEXPERIENCE® is an integrated and comprehensive business experience platform, a consolidated database for all applications – from project management via development through to production simulation and generation of bills of material.

All employees at all sites are accessing this joint database, ensuring employees working together in real time and overlapping within the same software environment.

The linking of project and data management on one platform provides direct insight into the state of development at any time and thus high reliability and adherence to schedules. Using simulation solutions integrated into the product design, the function and the material strength of structural components is ensured already in the early development phases. The simulation models generated by the design engineer can be taken over, combined and extended by the simulation expert, in order to perform virtual prototype testing with the established Abaqus-technology. Final reports and bills of material can be generated automatically. They are linked to the project and geometry data, thus ensuring an up-to-date database. The complete development chain is more agile and efficient.

The entire duration of the process can be reduced dramatically by the overlapping processes. Purchasing and production can run parallel to design. All employees involved can access the continuous process chain in all phases of product development.