HyperSizer Express – Easy to use Software for the Design and Optimization of Composite Structures

The fastest way to design manufacturable and lightweight laminates that satisfy all analyses for all load cases in minutes. Simply import your FEM and the software guides you through a process to generate global plies according to manufacturabilty rules and failure analysis checks. Your FEM is automatically updated with the sequenced plies and you can export this data to spreadsheets or into CAD such as CATIA.

  • Sporting Goods – Bike frames, snowboards, tennis racquets
  • Automotive – Doors, trunks, hoods, body panels, floor panels, body in white
  • Medical – Orthopedic prostheses
  • Industrial – Robotic end effectors
  • Marine – Yachts, sailboats
  • Wind Energy – Turbine blades
  • Aerospace – Seats, doors, winglets, flaps

Compatible with Pro

HyperSizer Express Users will find the upgrade to HyperSizer Pro to be seamless as the two programs share the same database. All of the data entered and computed with HyperSizer Express automatically transitions to HyperSizer Pro.

Express in Action

Composite Bike Frame: Strength and Stiffness Laminate Optimization including manufacturable ply shapes