Our sectors of industry

Every industry and every product is individual. By using CAE software, however, product development can be improved regardless of the industry. We have focused in particular on the following industries:

In today’s globalized world, consumer goods are considered obsolete faster than ever.  The wishes and requirements of consumers are increasing at a rapid pace: Personalization, design, longevity, sustainability. In order to remain competitive, companies must therefore constantly bring new innovations to the market. Conversely, this means above all that development cycles must be drastically shortened. 

With the help of simulation, you can quickly and efficiently compare design alternatives and thus develop the best possible product. Because the tests are carried out virtually, the number of physical prototypes required is reduced. This saves you costs and allows you to bring your new products to the market faster.

Discover how simulation makes the consumer product development process more efficient:

The trends of the fourth industrial revolution, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing, have drastically changed the development process in mechanical and plant engineering. The machines themselves are now so well networked that they collect a large amount of data and make it available to developers. However, the central requirements remain the same: maximum performance, minimum downtime. If the collected data is used correctly, simulation can be used to optimize existing machines and systems and to develop new solutions.

Discover how simulation makes the development process in mechanical and plant engineering more efficient:

Driverless, networked cars are creating a new era of travel that is characterized by efficiency, environmental friendliness, comfort, connectivity and safety. Due to the growing population and the advancing urbanization, it is also important to find new and innovative solutions in rail transport.

Creative design processes are required to ensure the success of next generation vehicles. With the help of simulation, you can test and optimize the entire digital vehicle in the early phases of the development process. In this way, you can eliminate performance deficits and find the optimum design variant.

Discover how simulation makes the vehicle and mobility development process more efficient:

The speed at which changes are taking place in this industry is both exciting and extraordinary. Life science companies can now provide more people around the world with affordable and innovative treatments, devices and medicines.

To meet this challenge, medical device companies must continually evaluate how they can improve their manufacturing processes to improve quality and performance.

Discover how simulation makes the development process in life science and medical technology more efficient:

Worldwide construction investments are increasing year by year; modern technologies and digitalization are revolutionizing the building trade. The basic prerequisite for taking advantage of the resulting opportunities is a smooth project flow. Problems and errors in planning, design, and construction must be identified early before they lead to budget overruns or prevent construction progress.

Discover how simulation makes the architectural and construction development process more efficient:

Environmental protection and increased public control are leading to a growing interest in alternative solutions in the energy industry - conventional business models are being turned upside down. 

Wind energy in particular is a very young discipline, which is developing at a rapid speed. However, wind turbines are highly complex systems: high vibration levels, different wind speeds and environmental impacts as well as noise emissions and species protection present the industry with a number of challenges. With the help of simulation, you can test a WT in the early phases of the development process and thus find the optimum design alternative.

Discover how simulation makes the renewable energy development process more efficient: