Design of Fiber Composites using Abaqus/Composites Modeler

Composites Modeler for Abaqus/CAE complements and extends the powerful ply modeling features in Abaqus/CAE by providing proven fiber simulation capabilities and advanced model building—all seamlessly integrated within Abaqus/CAE.

Composites Modeler for Abaqus/CAE directly transfers accurate fiber angles and ply thicknesses to Abaqus simulations for unprecedented accuracy, and allows rapid review and modification of the composites model for rapid design improvement. The product also generates manufacturing data to ensure that the analyzed model matches the final structure, and provides direct integration with Simulia Layup Pipeline for seamless communication across the enterprise.

Benefits of Composites Modeler for Abaqus/CAE:

  • Prevents specification of plies and structures that cannot be manufactured, avoiding costly mistakes
  • Improves model fidelity and reduces setup time to allow rapid design improvement
  • Allows seamless analysis, design and manufacture integration across the enterprise to promote development efficiency.




The ideal workflow for the handling of composite materials also includes the CATIA and HyperSizer® programs.