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SIMULIA fe-safe – Fatigue Analysis Software

SIMULIA fe-safe sets new standards for „Fatigue Analysis Software“

SIMULIA/fe-safe was developed by Safe Technology Ltd. For the fatigue analysis the program uses Abaqus analysis results.

SIMULIA/fe-safe includes a comprehensive, open-access material database with the possibility to integrate e.g. S-N curves from own experiments. Among others, SIMULIA/fe-safe provides plots with contour lines of the expected lifetime for the entire structure. For this purpose, those hot spots where cracks can be expected are highlighted by the program. So SIMULIA/fe-safe goes far beyond the classical primary stress concept based on S-N curves.

SIMULIA/fe-safe analyzes the fatigue strength as well as the thermo-mechanical fatigue or creep fatigue and can also be used for the evaluation of welded joints, composite or elastomer materials.

SIMULIA/fe-safe analysis results are visualized in Abaqus/CAE or Abaqus/Viewer.

Core functions:

  • FKM-guideline
  • PSD-spectra
  • Transient load range
  • Analysis of welded joints
Lebensdaueranalyse mit SIMULIA/fe-safe an einem Pumpengehäuse
Lebensdaueranalyse mit SIMULIA/fe-safe an einem Pumpengehäuse