SIMULIA Tosca - Efficient Topology Optimization based on FEA- and CFD-Simulations

Tosca – Optimization at its best

Topology-Optimization of a brake pedal
Presentation of the iterative optimization of the brake pedal

SIMULIA/Tosca is the leading tool for structural optimization based on standard FE-solvers (Abaqus, ANSYS, MSC Nastran) and extends the SIMULIA product portfolio making it the most comprehensive optimization solution available in the market. SIMULIA/Tosca can be applied for the topology and shape optimization of individual structures, but also of whole assemblies. Optimization with SIMULIA/Tosca is possible even when dealing with most demanding engineering jobs with contact, high material nonlinearities and large displacements.

SIMULIA Tosca – Features


  • Topology-optimization with Tosca Structure.topolgy
  • Shape-optimization with Tosca Structure.shape
  • Sizing-optimization with Tosca Structure.sizing
  • Bead-optimization with Tosca Structure.bead