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Simulation performed by Wölfel – Who is behind?

FAZ has made the famous claim „There’s always a clever mind behind it“ – and this also applies to the Wölfel team of „clever minds“ – engineers whose daily quest is to fulfil the most diverse customer requirements applying to simulation.

It is the well balanced mixture of longstanding and broad simulation experience, combined with the innovation skills and new methodologies of the younger generation that leads to the continuous development and enhancement of our expertise, so that there hardly exists a complex problem that appears impossible to solve. What’s more, you can directly benefit from the enormous range of our diverse customer projects from a wide variety of industries. But see for yourself.

A „selection“ of our simulation team

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Seidel
+49 931 49708-142

8 years of simulation experience
Development, optimization and automation
of customer-specific simulation processes

Dipl.-Ing. Eric Feldbausch
+49 931 49708-380

28 years of simulation experience
Mechanical and automotive engineering,
Power engineering, medical engineering

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Patrick Erdmann
+49 931 49708-152

3 years of simulation experience, CAE benchmarks
in the field of mechanical engineering, automotive
engineering and medical technology

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