Lifetime Analysis with SIMULIA fe-safe

Extend the life of critical components

Components and products are to be made lighter and lighter by using less material, without sacrificing quality and resistance. Because fatigue fractures are expensive and can lead to accidents, but at least to costly product recalls and warranty claims.

Manual definition and analysis of stress points is time-consuming and often inaccurate. If you add material at supposed fracture points due to wrong assumptions, the product is heavier in the worst case, but no longer durable.

SIMULIA fe-safe uses multiaxial, stress or strain-based fatigue methods to analyze the life of a product. The software makes it possible to determine the influence of load histories from the manufacturing process, operating load, high temperature and creep.

The calculation is based on the results of SIMULIA Abaqus or other common FEM solutions such as ANSYS and NASTRAN. The results are quickly available regardless of the complexity of the analysis and are visualized, for example, in Abaqus/CAE. Plots with isolines show the expected lifetime. Points at which a crack is to be expected are marked. 

fe-safe has an extensive material database and is particularly suitable for products and components made of metal and elastomers. Assemblies with different parts, surfaces and materials can be analyzed in a single run.

Fatigue hotspots are identified

Material can be saved or added in the right places

Extends the life of critical components

Product recalls and warranty costs are reduced

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