Multi-Body Simulation (MBS)

Calculation and Simulation of Non-Linear Movements of Mechanical or Mechatronic Systems

Multi-body simulation makes it possible to depict mechanical or mechatronic systems as 3D models. Movements, coupling forces and stresses occurring within these systems can also be simulated. Working with such virtual prototypes not only improves product quality, but also significantly shortens product development time.

Why do I need special MBS software?

When the components of a product touch, abut, or are coupled by joints, the individual bodies interact. If the interaction is examined with the help of physical prototypes, it is usually expensive and time-consuming. With the help of simulation software, a 3D model can be created with which the behavior of the components can virtually be simulated. This requires an enormous amount of computing power, as many individual calculations have to be carried out one after the other. SIMULIA Simpack specializes in precisely these calculations and is the world's leading solution in the field of multi-body simulation.

SIMULIA Simpack – The World's Most Proven Software for Multi-body Simulation

From machine dynamics up to NVH

SIMULIA Simpack can be used for the dynamic analysis of any mechanical or mechatronic system. These can be captured in their entirety at the beginning of the development or redesign process and continuously optimized from then on. Even the calculation of high-frequency oscillations in the acoustic range is possible.

The software has demonstrated its technological leadership in particular through complex models, nonlinear effects such as contact and friction, powerful numerical algorithms and real-time capability. Due to the many interfaces with control, hydraulic and FEM software, Simpack can easily be integrated into an existing development or manufacturing process.


The advantages of SIMULIA Simpack at a glance:

Recording of complex physical interactions in a short computing time

Virtual test plans based on parameterized models

Machine dynamics up to NVH

Faster time to market through virtual tests

Increased product quality and service life

Lower design, production and maintenance costs

Simpack can be used industry independent for the simulation of transient nonlinear system behavior in flexible bodies. We work particularly frequently on projects from the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Railcars
  • HiL/SiL
  • Drive technology
  • Wind power

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