The basic idea of our concept - Choose your individual equipment

Every base module features the DIN 18005 element library and the Gaussian plume model for calculating the dispersion of air pollutants and dust (TA Luft 1986). Element libraries for noise and air pollutants can be added optionally to create your individual version.

IMMI is available in four different base module versions:

IMMI Basic

... is the cost-effective solution for all those who are satisfied with single-point verification. Calculation precision and documentation completeness are the same as those of the following basic modules.

IMMI Standard

... is, with its amazing price / performance ratio, a comfortable entry into the world of noise mapping. It features a set of functions which enables you to address typical noise prediction projects. In each project, an unlimited number of both elements and grid points and up to 200 obstacles equalling approximately 100.000 diffracting edges can be included.


... is the next step for the noise mapping professional who models, calculates, analyzes and presents projects of varying size. IMMI Plus unburdens your head from routine tasks with its broad range of functions and tools covering everything from spectrum databases, indoors noise level calculation and outdoors noise propagation to noise quota attribution and project management. Plus you can tackle large projects with an unlimited number of both elements and grid points and up to 1.000 obstacles.

IMMI Premium

... is the ultimate professional tool for noise prediction and largescale noise mapping with an exceptional price / performance ratio. The list of features is most complete and laid out towards the management of huge amounts of data in large-scale noise mapping: no limitations whatsoever on either the number of elements, the number of grid points or the number of obstacles. In addition to the full command set of the Plus version, IMMI Premium contains segmented calculation on multiple computers. It is ideally suited and equipped to meet the requirements of EC Directive 2002/49/EC like strategic noise mapping, façade level calculation etc.

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