MEDA – Result documentation

In MEDA, measurement and calculation results can be displayed and presented in almost unlimited variations. That means that measurements and their evaluations are transparent and convincing for both users and clients.

Individual and efficient

The extremely flexible presentation of measurement results, calculation operations and diagrams makes MEDA an important tool even after completed measurement. MEDA combines the demand for neat documentation of measurement results with the user‘s requests for individual reporting. And this reporting function is highly efficient. All layouts which are based on the forms for displaying the time curves or spectra can be fully edited. Just use the forms to create standard layouts, e.g., company logo, text documentation, incorporated graphics, etc. This considerably simplifies your documentation and simultaneously ensures a uniform and appealing visual appearance of your reports. There are no limits to the color, alignment and number of the various display fields. Another advantage: Once created, all layouts can be saved and are therefore available for the next presentation with just a mouse click.

Make your choice

Using the form manager, you can easily select the layout which best reflects the results of your measurement. You need just a few clicks to set the correct scaling of the measurement values, incorporate a picture of the on-site measurement situation and complete your first evaluation. And you certainly wish to display the results of your online calculation on this form as well? No problem: Simply adjust the form, and you have access to additional information.