MEDA – Evaluation of measurement data

Post-process data acquisition

MEDA provides approx. 100 post-process mathematical functions for evaluation of the measurement data acquired. MEDA provides all tools that are required for a fast and easy data analysis, including standard filter functions, frequency analyses and application-specific evaluation algorithms in the fields of mechanical engineering or construction engineering.

Evaluation – fast and automated

It is even possible to evaluate whole measurement series comprising several hundreds of measurements using the multi-selection function or the “Evaluate all measurements” parameter. What is more, the user can also combine several evaluation operations and run them consecutively using the “Multi-purpose routine” function. For example, a recorded time signal can be subsequently band-limited in the required frequency range, the measurement variable then be converted from acceleration into vibration paths and a third-octave spectrum be finally calculated – with just a click on the “Start calculation” button. All of the evaluation operations are clearly grouped and sorted alphabetically.
In addition, the five operations last used are displayed and can be applied directly. It is therefore possible to make frequent evaluation operations quickly and efficiently.

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Maciej Krakowiak, Voith Paper EMEA:

Over the last 7 years MEDA has proved to be an excellent tool to tackle all vibration issues faced by the paper industry. The system is very reliable, intuitive and can be used with full confidence when it comes to results. Great software with a number of
useful features standing out from other products available on the market.

Definitely recommended!