MEDA – Data acquisition

Online calculation and virtual channels

Virtual channels and online operations increase MEDA‘s performance spectrum by an essential feature. MEDA allows applying online calculations to time signals during the measurement. That means that a multitude of mathematical operations can already be made during a running measurement (online) using the measured time signals while the results can then be stored directly as a measurement. These online converted time curves can of course also be used for the process measurement parameters, such as the analog threshold value trigger. As a result, the user has access to a variety of data as early as during the current measurement. Furthermore, these virtual measurement results can of course also be saved as additional information while the original dataset remains as it is.

The following operations are available (excerpt):

  • Scalar addition, scalar multiplication, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Digital low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop filters)
  • Integration, differentiation incl. linear momentum conversion
  • Resultant
  • Square, square root
  • Floating average
  • KB filter
  • Floating RMS value

In addition to providing important additional information as early as during a current measurement, MEDA features an extremely wide spectrum of evaluation functions which are available for analysis, data processing and evaluation purposes after completion of the measurement.

Simon Ng, Voith Paper Fabrics:

„MEDA is an amazingly powerful vibration software that makes complex analysis become very easy at good time efficiency. I would recommend to all vibration workers.“