Front ends – MEDA hardware

MEDA BlueStack®

MEDA BlueStack® is a flexible tethered solution for your measurement task. Whether 4 or 32 channels, single or cascaded, MEDA BlueStack® is a customized complete system for measuring, analyzing and evaluating vibrations and noise. MEDA BlueStack® provides measuring channels in packs of 4.

MEDA USB 16/24/32

MEDA-USB-X is a compact and robust multi-function data acquisition module for fast registration of measuring signals. This USB front end features analog inputs as well as digital inputs and outputs. MEDA-USB-X is available in three expansion version, each with 16, 24 or 32 channels. Individual solutions with more channels are available on request.


MEDA RedSens is the ideal solution for all users who want to do without cables. Position your sensor directly at the measurement location and profit from the only available WLAN measuring system with full synchronism (!) across all connected channels. MEDA Red-Sens provides measuring channels in packs of 3. Up to 10 modules, each with 3 axes, i.e., 30 channels, can be operated without cable at the same time.