MEDA – Great work comfort by the project manager

Full control with the project manager

Start your work with MEDA and the project manager. The project manager serves to manage all measurement data, calculation and evaluation results and all other measurement-relevant data of a project. In addition, it provides access to the default settings of measurements that have already been taken. The use of predefined parameter sets and specified sensors allows fast, convenient and precise measurements. The sensors that are available for all measurements are listed in a sensor table.

Data acquisition is controlled by a large number of clearly grouped parameters. As a result, complex multichannel monitoring tasks can be fulfilled as easily as single measurements. An online display is available with any number of channels. The project manager can also be used to import and export data to foreign formats or to apply measurements or results from other projects to the current project.

Measurement data can be acquired, evaluated and documented quickly and easily which means that MEDA can be used even under difficult measurement conditions. Of course, the project manager can also be used to archive your complete measurement project. You can therefore conveniently save and manage all of your measurement data.