RoBin – system for the measurement of sound emissions of wind turbines

RoBin is the ideal system for the measurement of acoustic noise emission of wind turbines according to IEC 61400-11 Edition 3 / FGW guideline TR1.

The main component of the wireless one-man measurement system RoBin is a sound level meter which detects noise by means of a double-shielded external microphone. A flexibly applicable data logger with six freely configurable analog inputs, one USB and one fieldbus connection registers the operating parameters of the wind turbine. Meteorological data are recorded by meteorological sensors with the required class of accuracy.

  • Convenient: wireless data transfer
  • Compact: components and accessories in handy transport cases
  • Flexible: various interfaces for data acquisition
  • Calibratable
  • Exact: remote control to tag disturbing noise
  • Cost-effective: only one person required on site

Data transfer and electrical power supply are realized using WiFi or lithium battery technology. A radio remote control tags the measurement status (operating and background noise) and marks disturbing noise. Wind bin administration is done automatically in real time. You can comfortably monitor the measurement via tablet PC.

Evaluation of the measured data is done with our well-proven sound analysis software Noisy with the option RoBin. In the clearly structured configuration menu you can make all required settings and start the evaluation at the push of a button. Automatic report generation – directly after the measurement - makes the process extremely efficient.

All about RoBin – in just 5 minutes

Read the report how HGC Engineering in Ontario/Canada runs complete accredited acoustic noise emission measurements of wind turbines with Robin.

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