Remote monitoring and data analysis – Monitoring Intelligence Center – MIC

Web-based remote monitoring, whether on wind turbines, buildings or large construction sites - the need for such a solution is nowadays undisputed. The trick here is not to record data, but to make the correct diagnoses from the flood of recorded data, taking into account the respective environmental conditions, and to provide the operator or the project manager with clear instructions for action. 

Wölfel makes the right diagnoses. Fewer uncertainties in the evaluation of your structure.

Making this diagnosis is a core competence of our company. With more than 40 years of experience in the development of intelligent algorithms for the safe interpretation of recorded vibration data combined with newly developed calculation methods, we guarantee our customers a high level of safety - whether on the construction site or on the offshore foundation. Our offer is always tailored to your project and needs. We supply everything from a single source or just the diagnostic and evaluation procedure - simply select the appropriate modules from our system.


Wölfel Wind Systems offers you the possibility to connect our structure monitoring (SHM.Blade, IDD.Blade) to the rotor blade via our web monitoring portal MIC.Wind.

Detailed system and rotor blade information is displayed here. Such remote monitoring of essential components is nowadays standard for economical operation. If desired, all relevant data can be transferred and saved via the Internet.

Via the web interface of the Wölfel Monitoring Center MIC.Wind, all important indicators are available to the management and graphically displayed. Event-driven notifications and automatic reporting ensure that all the latest information is available at all times. If a data connection is not desired for security reasons or not available on site, all monitoring and data backup functions can also be outsourced to a central wind farm server. 

Building and construction site monitoring with MIC.Construction – web-based remote monitoring in real time

The permanent monitoring of construction sites or structures such as bridges is becoming increasingly important. Whether for securing the permanent construction site or transparency for the affected population - targeted structural monitoring is THE instrument which can continuously record and display the effects of dynamic loads and the resulting stresses and reactions.


We have extensive experience in remote monitoring and inspection of structures. With our monitoring systems, vibrations and fatigue can be monitored and documented over a desired period of days, weeks, months or even years.


In addition, we have a wide range of experience in the supervision of construction sites, be it within the framework of permit or tender requirements or for the presentation to the public concerned.

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