Vibration control and vibration isolation products for structures

Products for vibration reduction in bridges, structural and civil engineering

Modern buildings with slender, cantilevered shapes usually have low structural damping, which makes them susceptible to vibration caused by wind and passing traffic as well as pedestrian movement. We use absorbers to reduce the vibration of structures such as bridges, towers or chimneys. Vibration absorbers increase the structural damping and thus reduce resonance vibrations. They are tuned to the natural frequency of the building. Absorbers are very cost-effective and reliable solutions for vibration problems as they are highly effective and very robust. 

Vibration insulation products for buildings

Should vibration problems arise for humans or for the building itself, then count on Wölfel, your reliable partner who will work out a solution to your problem with you. A typical problem-solving approach, besides modifying the design, is to install elastic building supports.

Vibration isolation through spring or elastomer bearings

Spring bearings or elastomer bearings can be used to isolate a vibrating system against unwanted vibrations from the environment (receiver insulation). Examples of this are the insulation of buildings against unwanted vibrations, e.g. caused by traffic. Especially in the course of compaction, when new living space or office space is created near vibration sources, such as railway tracks, vibration insulation with spring bearings or elastomer bearings is a suitable solution for reducing vibrations within buildings.



Case Study "TMD.Pipe solves Vibration Problem 169.58 KB
Case Study "TMD.Pipe solves Vibration Problem

In a natural gas plant pipe vibrations caused serious problems during commissioning. The installation of tuned mass dampers not only reduced vibrations to a minimum but also allows the plant operation run most effectively.