Vibration control products for machines

In addition to engineering services in the area of vibration reduction, we also offer a wide range of products to reduce the vibration of your machines such as machine tools, paper machines or printing machines. 


Vibration absorber TMD.X

We develop problem-specific passive absorbers (TMD stands for Tuned Mass Damper) to reduce resonance or tonal (mono-frequency) issues. One of our products is e.g. the passive pipe absorber TMD.Pipe.


By using the hardware already present in machines or vehicles (e.g. drive amplifiers, motors, motor controls, sensors) it is often possible to solve an existing vibration problem (e.g. during positioning processes) with the targeted extension of the existing control software. The software modules being integrated are then adapted to the existing problem and an extensive software library can be used.

Active system for broadband damping of mechanical structures. The Plug&Play system consists of a 45 N actuator (integrated sensor) and a rack. This includes the sensor electronics and a controller for active damping including a power amplifier. Up to two 45 N actuators can be connected to, and supplied by, one rack. Each controller is parameterized via a separate potentiometer. In addition to closed-loop operation, the system can also be operated with its own hardware. In this case, control signals can be transmitted to the amplifier via a BNC socket and thus the actuator can be controlled. The magnetic feet of the actuator make it easy to attach it to existing structures (retrofit of machines that are prone to vibrations). The cut-off frequency is 8 Hz, more information can be found on the homepage of our subsidiary Micromega.

Designation of further problem-specific developments or ours for active vibration reduction. The systems and system components were developed to solve specific customer issues and then converted into products. Such a product or tailor-made product development can also be used for issues you may have with your machine. Examples of other ADD.x systems/components:

  • ADD.IN (inertial mass actuator, mass 80 gr, cut-off frequency 12 Hz)
  • ADD.5N (inertial mass actuator, mass 250 gr, cut-off frequency 21 Hz)
  • ADD-2D-250N (2D-inertial mass actuator, mass 18 kg, cut-off frequency 22,5 Hz)
  • ADD.Sound (6 kN inertial mass actuator with amplifier)
  • ADD.Pipe

Further information can be found on the homepage of our subsidiary company Micromega.

Balancing with MEDA

A MEDA measuring system (hardware + software) offers, among such options as vibration and noise analysis and evaluation, the option of balancing. The residual imbalance of the rotating shafts is reduced by balancing the shafts at the place of installation, which means that machine vibrations are significantly reduced during operation.