Products for vibration reduction in industrial and power plant construction

We prefer using absorbers and viscoelastic dampers for vibration reduction in industrial plants and power plants. These systems are mounted directly on the vibrating structure – ideally in the immediate vicinity of the affected area – and have a vibration-reducing effect. Absorbers and dampers are very cost-effective and reliable solutions for vibration problems because they work very effectively and are characterized by a high degree of robustness. Vibration control technology from Wölfel stands for high quality and professional advice. We offer our customers the appropriate solution, tailor-made for their specific tasks.

Vibration absorbers

There are a variety of absorbers depending on the desired effect:

  • passiv systems
  • semi-active systems
  • active systems

Conventional methods for the reduction of pipeline vibrations in plant engineering often require a strong intervention in the pipeline system, combined with high structural, financial and time expenditure. Wölfel has developed two absorption systems that effectively reduce pipe vibrations: TMD.Pipe and ADD.Pipe. These two innovations offer significant advantages over conventional measures.


ADD.Pipe is an active pipe damper ("ADD" stands for Active Damping Device). It can greatly reduce pipe vibrations in a wide frequency range. ADD.Pipe is a system with three degrees of freedom consisting of three actuators and reaction masses, thus all vibrations can be reduced in different directions to the pipe axis.

Viscoelastic dampers

Viscoelastic dampers reduce vibrations by converting kinetic vibration energy into heat and thus dampening the movement of the system. Damping as a method of vibration reduction is only effective when the oscillatory system is excited at a frequency close to its natural frequency. Due to their design principle, viscoelastic dampers can be used over a wide frequency range. 


Case Study "TMD.Pipe solves Vibration Problem" 169.58 KB
Case Study "TMD.Pipe solves Vibration Problem"

In a natural gas plant pipe vibrations caused serious problems during commissioning. The installation of tuned mass dampers not only reduced vibrations to a minimum but also allows the plant operation run most effectively.